Rutgers University Is Installing A Pool Or Jacuzzi In Their Football Stadium To Make Losing More Comfortable

Rutgers University will soon be offering a jacuzzi or pool in the student center atop the High Point Solutions Stadium. This will give students an opportunity to lounge and relax while they see their team get crushed this Labor Day weekend. Rutgers will be offering a special Jersey Shore promotion, which will be implementing a new jacuzzi or pool in the student center.
On Thursday, Rutgers announced the “War Before the Shore” promotion, which is offering their students the best seats in the house when the Scarlet Knights take on the Washington Huskies on September 1st.
I wonder who will win the game. Hmmmmm….let me think, the Huskies defeated the Knights last season with a score of 48-13. Hmmm, who will win? Who will win? Welp, I’m no fortune teller. But losing probably doesn’t feel so bad when you’re maxing out in a jacuzzi…
“Inside the stadium, students will have the chance to view the game from the best seats in the house – a pool or Jacuzzi atop the student section,” Rutgers said in a statement regarding their special festivities. “There will be boats in the north end zone with all fans given the opportunity to win a seat and watch the game from field level.”
Imagine all the drunk students soaking it up in a tub or pool, acting dumb as f*ck, but hey, it’s college! Unfortunately, the jacuzzi or pool will only be a temporary fixture for the Washington game. So party it up while you still can, kids!
Then there are some people who sound more excited about this news than the students…
“We are excited to kick off the start of college football in a big way,” said Rick Thorpe, Senior Associate AD for External Affairs and Strategic Communications. “From hosting a showdown with a top-10, Pac-12 power in front of a nationally-televised audience, coupled with enjoying all of the shore-themed promotions that we have planned for the entire gameday, and you have a fantastic way to start off the long holiday weekend. Everyone from across the entire state is invited to come out to enjoy the action and cheer on your Scarlet Knights.”
We can only guess what type of crazy sh*t will go down in the jacuzzi…

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