Incoming Alt-Right Boston University Freshman Withdraws From University

Nicholas Fuentes, an 18-year-old who participated in the white supremacy rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia, says he has withdrawn from Boston University after receiving multiple death threats.
Fuentes, 18, claims he has received at least 15 threatening messages through either email and social media since Saturday, August 12.
The student, who is a supporter of President Donald Trump and as host for the Youtube channel “Right Side Broadcasting Network”, claims he previously considered leaving BU earlier this year after inauguration protests. Fuentes also made headlines earlier this year for saying that “multiculturalism is cancer.”
Boston University has since confirmed that Fuentes is no longer enrolled at the university.

via Boston Globe:

Fuentes said he thought the event was intended as a demonstration against “immigration, multiculturalism, and post-modernism.” Public officials handled the event poorly, he said. The police were not allowed to do their jobs properly, making the rally “a total disaster from start to finish,” he said.
Fuentes denied being a white nationalist or a racist, and said he rejects Nazism. He accused the media of using charges of racism as a “way to tell white people to shut up, rather than to say something substantive.”
In a Facebook post from the same day as the violence in Charlottesville, Fuentes referred to the rally as “incredible.”
On Tuesday, Fuentes said he did not consider himself complicit in the violence in Charlottesville and did not think his attendance at the rally meant he endorsed the views of those seen brandishing white supremacist symbols.

Despite the fact that Fuentes claims he thinks the death of Heather Heyer is a “tragedy,” he has blamed her death on the “normalization of violence on the left.” Fuentes said that Heyer’s “blood is on the hands of the alt-left.”

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