The Knockout Ring Girls and Fighters of UFC

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are less than two weeks away from going toe to toe, and the hype for the fight is growing and growing.
You know what else is growing? Our need to see these UFC ring girls more than once-in-a-blue moon. Rather than have to wait for a huge matchup or fight card, we’d appreciate seeing the Octagon Girls announce other important moments in our day: like lunchtime, or 4:20, or when it’s 11:11 and your friend with borderline OCD taps his phone twice. Productivity would certainly decrease but at least our general mood and happiness would skyrocket.
There is little doubt that the UFC has employed some of the most attractive women in the world to help promote their fights before and during their fights. They’re called the Octagon Girls, and they’re gorgeous.
Check out their photos below by clicking their thumbnails!

Andrea Savage: Hottest Photos On The Internet
Andrea Savage: Hottest Photos On The Internet
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