Gabby Allen: Hottest Photos Of The ‘Love Island’ Star


Gabby Allen is a smokin’ hot British babe who came in fourth place on the reality show Love Island. Despite not winning the competition, she was able to walk away with a man on her arm. She nabbed Marcel Somerville; a rapper, DJ, producer, and boyfriend.

Allen and Somerville were named the ‘golden couple’ and seemed destined for victory. However, snarky remarks from Allen pushed back their viewer support.

Before she hit British airwaves, Gabby was a professional dancer and fitness instructor. As a child, she suffered from scoliosis, which required a major operation on her back. But the 12-year-old Allen wasn’t discouraged by the surgery. She worked diligently, relearning how to walk. Within six months of the operation, Allen won a ballet championship.

Now-a-days, she’s either romping through London with fellow Love Island friend Olivia Buckland or spending time with her new love…

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