Miko Grimes: Hottest Photos On The Web Of Brent's Wife











Miko Grimes is one of the most, ahem, outspoke WAGs in all of sports. There’s no doubt that she has no chill and gives zero f—s as evidenced by her brash, unfiltered comments over the years. She’s ready and willing to say absolutely anything on social media, especially when it comes to defending her NFL cornerback husband Brent Grimes.
Miko has gone out of her way to roast everyone including NFL reporter Greg Rosenthal, broadcaster Sage Steele and even Kate Upton. She’s a fearless s— talker, which we respect.
And thanks to HBO’s Hard Knocks, she’s back on her bullsh*t, chirping at every camera in sight:

“I just text the s— out of him on game day,” she said. “Just whatever I’m thinking about, just pumping him up, hyping him up, talking s— about the quarterback he’s going to play against, or some of the s— in the media, another receiver, if he’s talking s—.”
“Brent is just like me. Brent talks s—,” Grimes said in her HBO debut. “But if he doesn’t get to know you, he doesn’t feel like you deserve knowing who he really is, and I like that about him.”

Say what you will about her personality, Miko’s got quite the body on her, which must make putting up with her wildness a little easier.

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