Nicki Minaj Has Joined The Instagram Arms Race

Over the weekend, it seemed that every attractive celebrity with an Instagram just went wild.
Our girl Emily Ratajkowski threw her usual heat.
Kylie Jenner celebrated her 20’s by taking it up a notch.
Candice Swanepoel won the weekend by wielding Boomerang like a weapon.
And apparently, Nicki Minaj wanted in on the action, too, posting pictures and videos from all sides and angles, damn near breaking the internet all by herself.

However, every time I write abut Nicki Minaj, I always make sure to include the following: While I’m a relatively confident dude, at the end of the day, I know if the opportunity to smash Nicki Minaj ever presented itself to me, I’d be severely sexually outclassed and would be in way over my head.
Kinda like a toddler playing the piano, I’d be pushing random buttons with no particular rhyme or reason, thinking I was making beautiful music, but in reality, I’d actually just completely embarrass myself.
Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t make beautiful music, though.

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