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Our Boy Leo DiCaprio Has Himself A New Girlfriend In Lorena Rae


German model Lorena Rae has been seen with Leonardo DiCaprio a lot lately. They’ve been seen eating lunch, riding bikes, going to museums, and even going on vacations to France. So, if these two aren’t dating that what the hell is dating, anyway?

A representative for DiCaprio insisted that “they’re not dating.” But maybe that’s a way to get the media outlet to stray from prying into Leo’s personal love life…guess what, bub, that’s gonna work. Do you go on a vacation with a girl you’re “just friends” with? Really? Twice. Seriously? I mean, I get it if you guys have known each other for years, and even with that, it’s still very iffy. But two trips to France sounds a bit romantic. Would you ever lounge with your friend-zoned gal in Monaco and St.Tropez, France? Maybe if you’re worth as much as Leo.

Lorena traveled to Monaco in May and then St. Tropez in July. Leo is such a good friend that he’d fly out with her and vacation in France. And oh, they’re just friends….

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