Jessica Gober: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Jessica Gober may have made the best decision of her life when she decided to deny Justin Bieber. One day while trolling for hotties on Instagram, the Biebs came across the ultimate smoke show. She was promoting an energy drink on her job’s Instagram page. Jessica’s working down in Savannah, Georgia, over at a gym called Fitness on Broughton. The Biebs tried his best of sliding up in her DMs, but to no avail.
Gober is 22-years-old, and I don’t know about you, but she just wasn’t feeling the Biebs. I think Justin can be hilarious. He’s like the Donald Trump of pop, facing all type of haters telling him that he’s the worst of the worst. However, his decision to message her job was probably the most normal thing he’s done in a while besides taking a sh*t. The Biebs asked Fitness on Broughton, “who is that girl” with a heart.
Unfortunately for the Canadian pop star and for many of us slubs, Jessica Gober is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend. She posts about him all over her on Instagram page. So sorry, Biebs. She’s taken…
Hey, Justin. Chill. That’s my girl, dawg.
Jessica Gober is that loyal girlfriend most of us wish we had/have. Denying the Biebs has increased her Instagram follower count to almost 30k. Just saying “no” paid off big time. Meanwhile, she’s staying right by her man that she’s been with since at least 2014. Beibs may be worth a ton, but love is priceless or at least that’s how it should be…

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