Jessica Gober Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

Jessica Gober is that super sexy gym employee who publicly denied Justin Bieber. The Biebs was recently scrolling through Instagram and came across this dime piece on the Instagram of a gym in Savannah, Georgia known as Fitness on Broughton. The Canadian pop (poop) star saw the lovely Gober promoting an energy drink, and the Biebs became thirsty as hell.
Bieber messaged the gym’s Instagram, asking them “Who is that girl <3 ? in your latest post. Let’s just say the Biebs isn’t very formal with his messages. It was no “good evening, Fitness on Broughton, but I’ve happened to come across your Instagram page. And wow, who is that lovely madame with the blonde silken hair?”
Alright. It’s not going to help the Biebs by being more corny than he already is, so try to block the last quotation out of your mind as best as possible.
Well, let’s just say that not all ladies will fall in line with Bieber at the snap of a finger on a keyboard. The 22-year-old Gober already has a boyfriend and judging by her Instagram page, they’ve been together for a long, long time. Well, at least a relatively long time compared to most relationships. How do I know this about Jessica Gober? Well, how do you think I was able to rack up all those Instagram photos?
Gober has been with her boyfriend since at least August 2014. And she wasn’t going to let go of her man just because the Biebs wanted a piece…

Good looks on staying loyal, girl!

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