Jennette McCurdy: Hottest GIFs On The Internet

Jennette McCurdy is one of the baddest babes in Hollywood, and it’s almost a crime that she doesn’t get more work. Ms. McCurdy rose to fame on Nickelodeon. But when sexually-explicit photos of the star hit the internet, the world became exposed to McCurdy’s untapped hotness.

McCurdy has amassed 7.1 million followers on Instagram as well as 6.31 million followers on Twitter. Let’s just say: She’s hot, people know she’s hot, and they’re falling all over themselves for Jennette McCurdy updates, whether it’s a sizzling, sexy photo or humorous new Tweet.

The 25-year-old California-native is a renaissance women. She’s listed as an actress, producer, screenwriter, singer, and an ultra-hot force of nature. Recently, McCurdy co-starred in the 2016 American/Spanish psychological thriller Pet.
What more can I say about McCurdy? Judging by her social media status, it’s hard to fathom why no major Hollywood producer has picked up on this hot star. She’s gorgeous and followed by millions of people who can’t get enough of Jennette.








Wake up, Hollywood! You’ve got an untapped fortune at your doorstep…




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