Teen Arrested For Threatening Jewish Centers Allegedly Charged $30 Per Bomb Threat

Michael Kadar, an 18-year-old Israeli-American teen, was charged in April with making bomb threats and active shooter threats to several Jewish Community Centers across the United States. According to recently disclosed court documents, Kadar allegedly provided an email service that would send bomb threats to schools through an online black market.
Kadar, 18, was charged in April with allegedly making 245 threats between January 4, 2017 and March 7, 2017 to various organizations around the United States. Organizations such as JCCs, other historical Jewish institutions, and Anti-Defamation League offices were victims to the threats.
According to Buzzfeed News, Kadar allegedly advertised what he called “Second Email Bomb Threat Service” on AlphaBay, a now closed Dark Web market. Kadar was charging $30 for a bomb threat emailed to a school, and for an additional $15, he also offered to frame someone else for the threat.
via Buzzfeed News:

“There is no guarantee that the police will question or arrest the framed person,” Kadar allegedly wrote in the online ad. “I just add the persons [sic] name to the email. In addition in my experience of doing bomb threats putting someones [sic] name in the emailed threat will reduce the chance of the threat being successful. But it’s up to you if you would like me to frame someone.”
The search warrant was unsealed by a federal court on July 19 — a day before the Justice Department announced that AlphaBay was shut down — and was first tweeted by Seamus Hughes, the deputy director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University, on Monday.
The search warrant was initially sealed because it was “relevant to an ongoing investigation into the criminal organizations as not all of the targets of this investigation will be searched at this time.”

Buzzfeed News
While Kadar wrote that he is available most of the time to make bomb threat emails, he added that he has the right to “refuse to do the work.”
The report says that the alleged ad indicates that he had saved text for bomb-threat emails, but offered his clients the ability to customize the message if they wish. Furthermore, Kadar allegedly offered refunds if the threats were unsuccessful.
Buzzfeed News
According to the report, Kadar’s profile on AlphaBay received a positive review from someone who appeared to use the service, claiming that Kadar was “on time and on target.”
The court documents do not make it clear how much people had purchased Kadar’s service.

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