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Hardo Of The Year Rips Off His Shirt & Hops Behind The Counter To Fight McDonald’s Employees


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In today’s edition of “Why you should never step foot in a McDonald’s”, we have an absolute crazy person going all Jersey Shore on the hardworking employees of an El-Paso Mickey Dee’s.

According to Alfredo Sanchez, the brave soul (lol) who recorded the altercation (but didn’t intervene) on his phone said the hardo fest happened at the McDonald’s on Montana and George Dieter in El Paso around 11:30 PM on August 6.

Apparently, this bath-salt addict looking motherf*cker had been waiting for his fries for over two hours and decided that he had ENOUGH, going full ‘come at me bro’.

Coming from Jersey, I painstakingly admit that this type of behavior is somewhat commonplace depending on where you are, but I had no idea the disease had spread all the way to Texas, kind of like that South Park episode where New Jersey expanded its territory into the rest of the country.

via KFOX 14:

“We were eating and all of a sudden, like, I hear my friend say, like, what the heck,” said Sanchez. “And like, I see a guy come in with a big dog.” Sanchez recorded the video on his phone. “He’s telling the people, like, I waited two hours for my fries,” he recalled.

Sanchez said an unidentified man was irate over an issue about his food order. He told KFOX14 the man swiped a cookie display off the restaurant’s counter and started threatening an employee.

The El Paso Police Department confirmed officers were called out for reports of a fight going on at that McDonald’s location. “Finally, the cops get there and they just kind of get him,” said Sanchez. “They take him outside and another cop car comes in.”

So just remember people — never, ever, eat at a McDonalds. Whether it be the crazy people at the restaurant or the runs the food gives you when you leave, McDonald’s is never worth it.

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