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Kijafa Vick: Hottest Photos Of Michael Vick’s Wife


Kijafa Vick is the bad as f*ck wife of former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. She also appears to call to the shots in the bedroom, as she put Mikey on a booty prohibition until he apologizes for the Colin Kaepernick afro-fiasco.

Let’s just say that her booty bargaining technique worked like a charm. She got her husband on lock when it comes to the whoopi…

Kijafa Vick: Hottest Photos Of Michael Vick's Wife

The couple is now setting their sights to reality television. They’re currently the executive producers for an upcoming VH1 series known as Baller Wives. This show will feature the Vicks, along with plenty of other couples where the husband is involved with professional sports. All the husbands in the show will be either current or ex-football or basketball stars, while the wives are their eternal baller brides.

Here’s the cast of Baller Wives trying to convince to tune into their program…

What more can I say about Kijafa Vick? She’s hot and her straight-to-the-point bargaining tactics are funny as hell. She’s definitely a catch. Mike Vick definitely made the right decision tying the knot with a perfect ten.

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