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Yelizaveta Peskova: Hottest Photos Of The Internet


Yelizaveta ‘Lisa’ Peskova, the 19-year-old teenage daughter of Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, has been facing backlash after visiting a shipyard in Crimea where she offered her ‘expertise’ on how to boost its public image.

Peskova joined a pro-Kremlin lobby group for a visit to the shipyard in southern Sevastopol, Crimea, where she told employees at the shipyard that she ‘didn’t know a single person’ who thought ships were built by people.

Peskova is the oldest daughter of Dmitry Peskov, who has been a spokesman for Vladimir Putin since 2012.

According to The Daily Mail, despite her father’s status in Moscow, Peskova has been spent her teenage years living with her mother in Paris.

via Daily Mail:

it seems the teenager, who studies marketing and Oriental languages at university, may be following in her father’s footsteps and working on behalf of the Russian government.

Miss Peskova visited the shipyard last week, as part of a pro-Kremlin delegation which she advises on ‘youth politics’. Speaking at press conference after the visit, Miss Peskova offered her take on how to attract young people to shipbuilding.

he said that Russia needs to ‘build a PR strategy for shipbuilding’, to improve business and to show young Russians that ‘it is prestigious work and is not something to be ashamed of.’

While Peskova may not have a future in politics, she certainly has a future in modeling.

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