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Anna Faris Is Officially Single, And These GIFs Of Faris Are Fire As F*ck


Anna Faris is officially single again after separating from husband Chris Pratt on Sunday. This gives hope to all the poor, thirsty slubs lumbering around on the internet, looking to slide up in Anna Faris’ DMs.

All jokes aside, Faris and Pratt had a very serious relationship. They were together for eight years, and they still have a son to raise. Maybe they’ll get back together. If not, there are definitely plenty of potential suitors for both actors.

By the way, she still looks amazing at 40-years-old. Faris began her acting career as a teenager, and has blossomed into a talent and beautiful actress. Most recently, Faris made a cameo as a parody-version of herself in The Emoji Movie.

Who could forget Farris’ funny/awkward moments in the Scary Movie film series? She’s hilarious and gorgeous. And her GIFs are out of this world…

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