A New Study Compares Depression Levels Between Vegans/Vegetarians And Meat Eaters










A new study about depression is coming out of Bristol University in England. This study compares depression levels between vegans/vegetarians and their meat-eating counterparts. Nearly 10,000 British men were included in this test. Most ate a balanced diet include meat intake, while only 350 of the participants were committed vegetarians or vegans. Let’s take a look at the effects of foregoing meat entirely…
The results of the study found that the vegan/vegetarians were more likely to suffer from depression when compared to their omnivore counterparts because of a shortage of vitamins and minerals that would have received from chowing down on some meat. This means a lack of B12. But that not all, these vegans/vegetarians ate a lot of nuts, leading to higher levels of omega-6 fatty acids. A lack of B12 and too much omege-6 are both linked with mental health issues and influencing a person’s mood.
“Lower intakes of seafood are thought to be associated with greater risk of depressive symptoms,” the study stated. “Other potential factors include high blood levels of phytoestrogens, consequent mainly on diets rich in vegetables and soy.”
Meanwhile, a different study in Germany reflected the same issue regarding a vegan-based diet. The study of 4,100 people, discovered that participants who ate a vegan/vegetarian diet were predisposed to a 15 percent higher chance of depression.
I’d be depressed too if all I ate was soy, veggies, fruits, and nuts.
Bring on the bacon, steaks, burgers, spare ribs and salmon! I’m starved!

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