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WATCH: Crazy Brawl Turns Ugly Between Tennessee Titans Fans During Scrimmage Game


On Saturday, the NFL’s Tennessee Titans held an open practice/scrimmage game, where fans can attend with the hope of receiving season tickets. Welp, it looks like two fans in attendance got into a war of words before breaking out the fisticuffs at Nissan Stadium.

Let’s just say that this fight got really bloody real quick.

The guy in the white “Keep Calm” shirt was a real beast in this fight. He was wailing away on the long-haired dude so hard that another guy had to pull him away. Yup, Mr. Blue Shirt hand to put Mr. Keep Calm in a headlock to neutralize this situation.

People seemed bothered by the fight. One man remained in his seat, clutching his baby daughter. The long-haired guy in the Batman shirt tried running off, but he was caught and apprehended by crowd members.

C’mon, he lost the fight. Why do they need to grab him? Looks like hippie Batman just received a citizen’s arrest.

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