Celebrate International Beer Day With The Sexiest GIFs Of Babes And Beers

Cheers to hot women and cold beer. On this day, the world pays homage to the brew that makes many loose their inhibitions and reveal their true drunken selves. Friday, August 4, 2017, is International Beer Day. But isn’t every Friday?
Here’s the ladies who make alcohol seem all the more appetizing. Some guys don’t even particularly like beer, but they chug it down anyway for the courage to step up to the plate, probably with a swing and miss.
Many women love their beers. It’s not just a guy thing, despite anything the media tells you.
I’ve been seeing a lot more gals going on social media to discuss the joys of getting blackout drunk. Honesty is always the best medicine. I’m sure the ones who aren’t mentioning their alcohol affairs are definitely low-key bar stars.
Stick around and celebrate International Beer Day with some of the hottest GIFs on the web. Plus click of the links below for super sexy beer videos and funny as sh*t beer memes.

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