WATCH: UFC President Dana White Says This Is The "Most Vicious Knockout You Will Ever See"

UFC President Dana White knows a thing or one about knockouts, to say the very least. He’s seen more knockouts than Homer Simpson has seen beer and donuts combined. That’s a lot of f*cking knockouts if you ask me. But this Tuesday night knockout is being dubbed by Dana as the “most vicious knockout you will ever see.”
During Tuesday’s Contender Series fight, Julian Marquez battled Phil Hawes. And let’s just say Marquez cleaned Hawes’ clock with a monster kick.
Maybe you think you’ve seen intense knockouts before, but you’ve haven’t seen a Julian Marquez knockout. Better yet, listen to Marquez’ foot as it dims the lights of his opponent…

Marquez might even top “HBK” Shawn Michaels when it comes to the kick…

Let’s just say everything words out in Julian Marquez’s favor. Dana White blew his top after witnessing such an insane knockout. After the event, Marquez was offered a UFC contract. He also chilled with Compton OG Snoop Dogg to celebrate the news.

Phil Hawes had the fortitude to make it to his feet and walk out of the octagon on his own accord. But hats are off to Julian Mariquez who showed the world the definition of a true knockout kick…

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