Human Roll Of Industrial Toilet Paper & Walking Belt Advertisment Chris Christie Defends Cubs Game Altercation

Whether it be actors, athletes, politicians, or otherwise, I’ve don’t think I’ve seen someone go from universally praised and respected to wholly hated and despised quite as fast as Chris Christie.
Just a handful of years ago, Chris Christie was the Republican party’s supposed ace in the hole, having as good a chance as anyone to win the Republican nomination. But first BridgeGate happened, and then Donald Trump happened, and now our boy is literally one of the most disapproved of governors in the nation’s history. Talk about a fall from grace.
But just because Christie is just a few short months away from the end of his tenure as Governor of New Jersey, does not mean he intends to go quietly into that good night. That’s not the Christie way.
First, there was Beachgate, which was the epitome of how disconnected Christie is from the people of his state. As a proud New Jerseyian, I can attest that this was an all-around asshole move from Jabba the Governor. Then, just a week while Christie was hosting Mike Francesca’s radio show, Mike from Montclair, the hero we deserve, phoned in to call Christie a fatass.

Finally, another week after that, Christie got himself nearly booed out of Citi Field at a Mets game:

And now finally, in maybe his most Christien display yet, comes this video of the Rounded One getting right up in the grill of a Cubs fan at a Milwaukee Brewers game.

Try and wrap your head around this one: the governor of New Jersey is all the way up in Wisconsin and he’s still catching shit. I wouldn’t know the Governor of Wisconsin or California or New York if he walked up to me and kicked me in the dick, and yet here’s this random mid-westerner having enough negative feelings towards Christie that he felt the need to vocalize them in public. That’s true hate.
And yet, in classic Chrissy Craig (that’s a Jenny Craig reference for the Forrest Gumps in the room) fashion, the soon-to-be former governor of New Jersey preposterously tried to defend himself:

Don’t get me wrong, I hate Chris Christie as much as the next guy, but I will miss the hell out of him and his walking-headline ways.

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