Count Your Brews: Binge Drinking Every Weekend Adds An Incredible Amount Of Calories To Your Body

This new study might make you want to ease up on those brews, champ. Most realize that binge drinking can make them pack on the pounds. But few know the astronomical amount of calories gained from drinking five beers each day twice a week for one year.

Yup, this study considers drinking five beers to be the binge cut off point. Most don’t regard drinking that number of brews to be the same as binge-drinking, but let’s focus on the science, not so much the beers.

Binge Drinking Twice A Week Study: Weight Gain Binge Drinking

How much will you gain from binge drinking twice a week for one year? Let’s get right down to the numbers, folks! Binge drinking adds over 110,000 calories per year to your bod, bro. You only need 2,500 calories a day. This type of drinking adds an extra 46 days of recommended calories for a man. Binging on brews can add an extra 33 pounds of fat to your life each year.

This study is trying to link obesity to binge-drinking. While, it may be difficult to definitively prove the connect, there’s no doubt that 46 extra days of caloric intake will make you gain weight. And if you just sit on your ass and down beer after beer, expect a big pot belly and an expanding rear.

Can you drink to that?

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