LISTEN: Passion Pit, 'Tremendous Sea Of Love' Stream & Download: New Album

Passion Pit is an American indietronica band from Cambridge, Massachusetts. They formed in 2007 and are currently consisting a collective of five members: Michael Angelakos (lead vocals/keyboards), joined live by Chris Hartz (drums), Aaron Harrison Folb (bass/synthesizers), Giuliano Pizzulo (guitar/synthesizers), and Ray Suen (guitar/synthesizers).
The story behind their band’s name actually comes from the Variety Slanguage Dictionary, a glossary of Variety’s frequently used slang. The magazine used the term to refer to drive-in-theatres, because of their privacy and romantic allure for teenagers.
The cover art of “Tremendous Sea of Love” is reminiscing and serene. There is a child laying on the sand bed as the tides come toward its body. The white font of the album title is neatly written above the child. The color of the background is a vague and navy like blue. It seems like the artists are creating a faded, distant memory with the blue hue as an effect.
Angelakos initially made the album available for free to fans who tweeted support of his #weneedscience campaign in March. Now he is making it an official release, with all proceeds going to psychiatric scientific research at the Broad Institute’s Stanley Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
When listening to the album, certain selections caught my attention. Since the instrumentals are varied and unique, the background seems to resonate a fusion of organic and electronic music. I enjoy the message Angelakos is trying to convey to the world. He is promoting mental health studies and the importance of science through the artistry embedded in his music.
“Tremendous Sea of Love” often finds Angelakos at his most immediate, unguarded pop melodies like “Hey K,” where he declares, “Love is the answer” over a soaring bed of synthesizers, and the upbeat thrill ride “I’m Perfect.”The sweet ballad “To the Otherside” and the singer-songwriter throwback soul of “You Have the Right” could easily find a home on pop radio, the way “Take a Walk” or “The Reeling” did, if that was what Angelakos wanted at this point. However, instead of advancing his own interests, Angelakos is focusing on furthering the interests of all artists, which he hopes will help create the “Tremendous Sea of Love” that he seeks.
The album releases today, July, 28th, 2017.

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Tremendous Sea of Love Tracklist

  1. “Moonbeam”
  2. “Somewhere Up There”
  3. “Hey K”
  4. “You Have the Right”
  5. “Tremendous Sea of Love”
  6. “Inner Dialogue”
  7. “I’m Perfect”
  8. “The Undertow”
  9. “To the Otherside”
  10. “For Sondra (It Means the World to Me)”
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