National Cousins Day 2017 Memes: Best Jokes, Funny Photos & GIFs

Welcome to National Cousins Day, everyone! Grab your cousin and give ‘er a kiss because today’s a time for celebration! On Monday, July 24, 2017, America honors our awkward relatives with National Cousins Day.
Yee-haw! The photo gallery shows us that cousins can sometimes be a bit more than a family friend. Cousins can make for soul mates. Right, Cletus?
Cousins can be weird, distant, cool or too close. I haven’t spoken to any of my cousins for months, some years. We’ve all grown up and followed our own paths.
Before I end this article, open up your eardrums and hear the soothing voice of my cousin Chris Dunlop. By the way, bring a towel because you’re probably going to be soak ‘n wet by the end of this song…

LOL. Nice…

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Tila Tequila Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures
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