Best Upcoming Games 2017: Top 5 Must-Buy Video Games

This year, we can see a host of wonderful new releases to our watchlist of spectacular new titles. Most of this year’s games are sequels designed to capitalize on the success of predecessors before them, but some unique games stand out in the crowd as potential winners. Here are just a few of the choices for the most anticipated games this year:

Call of Duty: WWII

The newest installment in the long-standing Call of Duty series shows promise and for a few reasons. For one, it’s reuniting with its roots by returning to the World War II setting. Two, it’s testing out a new gaming engine and graphics setup that shows a good chance at being smooth and cohesive to play on. Lastly, it shakes up the series that was in desperate need of being reinvigorated. This interesting title comes out on November 3.

BUY: Call of Duty: WWII here

Destiny 2

Several trailers, countless screenshots and gameplay footage has shown us that Destiny 2 is set to be one of the premiere game releases of this decade. New classes, a new matchmaking system, a competitive multiplayer system and a host of new weapons makes this release one to look forward to and pre-order. Thankfully, the game releases in just over a month on September 8.

BUY: Destiny 2 here

Red Dead Redemption 2

The guys who brought you the GTA series comes at you with a sequel to their first game, Red Dead Redemption, and with it comes a lot of extra uumph to it. The atmospheric setting of the Wild-West will captivate you with gorgeous high-definition graphics, visuals and animation quality, while the high-impact and energetic gameplay will through you through hoops while it continues your journey as a roughneck Cowboy. This game comes out towards the end of this year.

BUY: Red Dead Redemption 2 here

Gran Turismo Sport

The Gran Turismo series continues with a new set of cars, a new line of tracks and a new outlook on the game. This new game has already released information about most of the cars and locations in its lineup, which can be viewed here. Breathtaking graphics and anti-aliasing capabilities can be demonstrated in the preview showings of the Xbox One version of the game. This wonderful new addition will go for $59.99 as a starting price and $64.99 as in the turbo edition.

BUY: Gran Turismo Sport here

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

This mashup of two companies working together showcases a variety of exciting and accessible single player modes and rich multiplayer content for people who’ve been with the series for a long time. The Story Mode will put people from across the universe in an all-out battle for survival against a wave of new threats. This new beast comes out on September 19th.

BUY: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite here

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