Audreyana Michelle Instagram: Best Pictures & Must-See Photos

Justin Bieber appears to have a new side chick on his arm. This past Sunday night, Biebs posted an Instagram photo hiking with a lovely brunette model who looks strikingly similar to his former girlfriend Selena Gomez. Instagram nearly blew up when this photo hit the web, as it has amassed over two million likes.

Audreyana Michelle has been revealed to be the the girl holding Bieber’s hand during Sunday’s hiking trip. She’s a 17-year-old model who has 348k followers on Instagram. She has worked with Next Miami, Premier London, and Freedom Models Los Angeles. Michelle has also modeled for Pac Sun, Tobi, LPA the label, PRISM Boutique, and Khloe Kardashian’s line, Good American.
And judging by Audreyana’s stellar photos, there is little wonder why the modeling world came knocking. And Ms. Michelle has created quite the brand name for herself online as well, with more followers than you can shake a stick at.
In an interview with Frankie Bikinis, Audreyana revealed that her mother was the one who pushed her to become a model. “My mom submitted me to an agency in the summer 2016 and it took off from there! I’ve always wanted to model and to be able to share my love of fashion through photography. I also think its great to inspire other girls/guys that they can follow their dreams no matter where they’ve come from.”
During their hike on Sunday, Audreyana wore a white top, ripped black jeans and what appears to be a black windbreaker jacker. Meanwhile, Bieber was topless, wearing black shorts with his Calvin Klein underwear sticking out because he’s, well, The Biebs.

They haven’t confirmed whether or not they’re dating. But many fans are already speculating that these two are an item.

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