National Junk Food Day 2017: Here Are The Sexiest Junk Food GIFs On The Internet

Gorgeous women and greasy fast food make for a killer combo. Celebrate National Junk Food Day the right way, with beautiful models and actresses engorging on the tastiest junk in the free world. These GIFs may not be the best for your health, but damn do they feel good.

On Friday, July 21, 2017, the nation pays homage to those foods that are just too orgasmic. And what’s more American than a big juicy burger?

A good piece of pizza or fried chicken can go a long way in this world. Plus, who could forget candy? Katy Perry has a mouthful of cotton candy in the gallery. And not the type of mouthful that would get COED in trouble with the censors.

Indulge in the sexiest junk food GIFs on the web!

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