Chester Bennington Quotes: Best Quotes & Most Famous Sayings Of 'Linkin Park' Lead Singer

The leader singer of Linkin Park just passed away. Chester Bennington died on Thursday, leaving behind an enduring legacy of music and moments. Let’s take a few minutes to reflect on this famed rock icon by looking back at his words of wisdom…

Chester Bennington Quotes: Best Quotes & Most Famous Sayings Of ‘Linkin Park’ Lead Singer

“I don’t drink. I choose to be sober now. I have drunk over the last six years, but I just don’t want to be that person anymore.”

“All of our songs take these really big creative turns and twists throughout the process, so sometimes songs will start out as a melody or some musical chord progressions.”

“You’re constantly trying to prove yourself, even after you’ve made it.”

“When I’m writing, I’m constantly thinking about myself, because it’s the only experience I have to draw on. And I don’t see an exact reflection of myself in every face in the audience, but I know that my songs have validity to them, and that’s why the fans are there.”

“My favorite jellybean is the pink one with the flavor inside.”

“We’d like to think that our music will always be bigger than any one of our individual personalities.”

“I don’t go out and pick fights.”

“We’re shooting for the title of hardest working band in America.”

“It’s not cool to be an alcoholic.”

“To pigeonhole a genre as being successful or unsuccessful is weird.”

“Two years of touring is excruciating.”

“We’re not a political band, we’re a socially-minded band.”

“This is a business of love and labor.”

“If fans come up to me, I talk to them.”

“Well, we promised our fans that we’d put out records faster, and that’s what we’re doing. We figured out a way to condense our cycle, so to speak, by… continuing to write, trying to keep the creative ball rolling as often as possible.”

“For me, you say the words ‘concept record,’ and the first thing I think of is theater or the opera or something.”

“I don’t like to hold back because that’s how you hurt yourself.”

“I have been able to tap into all the negative things that can happen to me throughout my life by numbing myself to the pain so to speak and kind of being able to vent it through my music.”

“It’s cool to be a part of recovery. This is just who I am, this is what I write about, what I do, and most of my work has been a reflection of what I’ve been going through in one way or another.”

“As an artist, I want a reaction.”

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