Eniko Parrish: Hottest Photos Of Kevin Hart's Wife








Well, it finally happened: the fame went to Kevin Hart’s head.
Multiple celebrity tabloids are reporting Hart allegedly cheated on his PREGNANT wife Eniko Parrish while down in Miami, and if it’s true, it may spell the beginning of the end of lil’ K-Hart.
According to Inquisitr, Hart was seen canoodling with another woman outside of his Miami Beach hotel in a Lexas sedan for about around 5 AM on July 3.
via Inquisitr:

Hart, 38, was even seen climbing into the passenger seat with her at one point. A source told reporters that it seemed “obvious they were up to no good” because the woman “kept looking over her shoulder,” while “Kevin was pop-eyed when another guest walked by.”
Kevin Hart had been partying at the upscale hot spot, LIV, during the “All-Star Celebrity Birthday Bash” that was thrown for the comedian’s birthday. He turned 38 on July 6 and has been on a cross-country bar crawl, partying it up while his wife, Eniko Parrish, 32, posted selfies of her growing baby bump on social media.
A representative for Kevin Hart denied any wrong-doing; however, the pictures and video clips of the comedian say otherwise.

Real bad look, and stupid move, on Hart’s part. Not only did he and Parrish just get married last August, but she is now expecting their first child together.
I guess fame really does turn you into an asshole.

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