WATCH: 'Super Foxy' Alison Brie Mentions How Freestyling About Lady Parts Got Her A Role on 'GLOW'

Alison Brie is beyond hot. Last night, she talked about how rapping about lady parts got her a role on Netflix. Brie stars in GLOW a.k.a ‘Gorgeous Women Of Wrestling.’ This series is based off a real all-female wrestling federation in the 1980s. Alison auditioned for the role of a Russian villain wrestler. And according to Alison, she received the role because of her freestyling skills involving the female genitalia.
On last night’s edition of Late Night With Seth Myers, Brie discussed her show on Netflix and looked amazing doing it. Training for her role on GLOW has left this star in tip-top shape. Plus, she choose just the right dress to impress.
Brie believes that the reason she landed the role on GLOW is because of her ill freestylin’ skills. She cites the rhyme of “Boris” with “stomp on your clitoris” as the reason why she was chosen for the part. According to Alison, if it wasn’t for that vagina rhyme, she may not be in spandex on Netflix.

At first, Brie was nervous about the idea of freestyling in front of her peers. But when she got into her role, the bars dropped like gold bricks.
Back in the day, during the real era of GLOW Wrestling, women wrestlers didn’t just perform awesome moves inside the ring. They also performed skits and rapped on occasion. It was the 1980s, even Blondie was rapping (sorta).
In the end: freestyling and pro wrestling are still cool niche topics, and Alison Brie is still a super fox in-and-out of the ring.

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