LawBreakers: Gameplay, Trailer, Release Date & Beta Details

LawBreakers is a first-person arena shooter similar to QuakeUnreal Tournament and Overwatch, all of which seem to be stealing the spotlight nowadays for the hyped games. Those fast-paced game mechanics are making a steady revival, and the new release of Lawbreakers integrates many of those arena-style shooter titles with its constant movement and action-packed battles.
Created by Boss Key Productions out of Raleigh, North Carolina, the hectic and serious shooter plunges players into a catastrophic world of great characters and engaging gameplay. The developers managed to create a unique title at a time when FPS games are becoming increasingly difficult to release given the market’s saturation of this genre.


LawBreakers released a trailer on May 22 that showcased some of its key features.

We also saw a newer trailer of LawBreakers during their premiere presentation during E3 this month.

In it, we see the creation of a new and distinct shooter that strays away from the military shooters dominating the scene right now. All of the testimonies in this new trailer gave us a new insight into people’s understandings of the game’s new, tense gameplay. We see just how self-aware people have to be all the time when playing this game, checking corners, looking for traps, because “if you don’t keep on top of it, you’re just gonna get blown off the map.”


E3 also gave us a look at some gameplay of LawBreakers that managed to turn more attention to this interesting new title.

Some have begun to compare this new title to Overwatch given its intense number of similarities in the game’s organization of key elements, including character design and classes, paid cosmetic options and objective-based gameplay. Meanwhile, the player’s ability to use hit-scan skills and positioning in LawBreakers means much more than in Overwatch. The abilities, the management of low-gravity and the combination of different skills put you in the driver’s seat more to control the outcome of the games.
This is what makes the game special. You have full operational control to make sure your team slides into home plate, while in Overwatch, it may be your job to get those kills and play your role, but sometimes the skill level you need to do that isn’t that high. LawBreakers is a fun, fast and fallible new game to close out the summer.

Open Beta & Release Date:

The shooter began its beta test on June 28 at 12:00 P.M. EST for beta keyholders; two days later, the developers opened up the beta to Steam pre-order purchase holders at the same time two days later, on the 30. The beta closed on July 3 though, so unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the game’s release to get our hands on any more gameplay of the game.
The game’s beta received an awesome amount of good feedback from reviewer sites across the internet. The gameplay was solid and well-rounded, movement was fluid and each character had its own set of archetypes and traits. For some, the differences between classes looked like they didn’t matter too much, which took some of the steam out of the game for them.

Nonetheless, the game has proved to be an under-hyped new FPS everyone can appreciate. It comes out on PC and PS4 on August 8.

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