Tropical Storm Don 2017: Forecast, Map, Path & Live Updates

Tropical Storm Don is materializing in the Caribbean Sea, the National Hurricane Center reported Monday evening. Tropical storm warnings and watches have been broadcasted throughout several Caribbean islands, including Barbados and Grenada. These islands will potentially be hit with heavy rain and flash flooding during this tropical storm.
As of 4 p.m. ET Monday, Don has picked up speeds as high as 40 mph. The storm could be found about 595 miles east of Trinidad and was driving westward at 17 mph. At this moment, the storm is not likely to turn into a hurricane.
“Strong wind shear over the Caribbean will limit any further development,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Steve Travis said.
Don is currently the fourth storm of 2017 to materialize in the Atlantic Basin.
I wonder if Russia has anything to do with this storm. Better check CNN. Or better yet, take a look at these maps…
A second potential tropical storm appears to be brewing a few hundred miles farther to the east. According to AccuWeather, that second system has a chance of development this week.

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