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McDonald’s Apologizes For Poop Slide Incident In New Hampshire


McDonald’s has apologized to a mom whose 5-year-old son went down the slide and returned covered in feces. This sh*tty situation occurred at a McDonald’s playground in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Justina Whitmore later went on her Facebook to give her account about the story of her son and the poopy playground (sounds like a Captain Underpants graphic novel). Whitmore suggests that the McDonald’s staff didn’t take the situation seriously. She claims to have been eating when her son approached her fresh from the slide covered in poop.

The restaurant owner told reporters that “we hold ourselves to the highest standard and apologize for Ms. Whitemore and her son’s negative experience at our restaurant.”

The owner of that Manchester McDonald’s said that he had been in touch with Whitmore directly.

Meanwhile, the Manchester Health Department gave the green light for that particular McDonalds to be reopened after the formerly soiled was cleaned and disinfected.

But this still doesn’t crack the case entirely. Who is the culprit behind that crap? I suppose the world may never know…

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