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Milana Vayntrub Cast As Squirrel Girl In ‘New Warriors’


Marvel and Freeform are teaming up for the new TV series New Warriors, a half-hour scripted comedy about Marvel’s more out-there characters from Enlisted and Cougar Town creator Kevin Biegel. Now according to THR, AT&T Girl and This is Us actress Milana Vayntrub will star as Doreen Green AKA Squirrel Girl. That’s a fun little way to kick off this niche project.

Vayntrub as Green/Squirrel Girl will be the lead of the show alongside Baby Daddy‘s Derek Theler as Mister Immortal, a troublemaking misfit who can’t die, at least according to him.

They will be joined by Jeremy Tardy of the Dear White People Netflix series as Night Thrasher (great name), a YouTube superhero who doesn’t actually have any powers, Calum Worth of Austin & Ally as Speedball, a speedster (duh), Matthew Moy of 2 Broke Girls as germ-telepath Microbe and Kate Comer as Debrii, a lesbian telekinetic trickster who is dealing with her own tragic background at the hands of superheroes. Yeah, it’s a pretty eclectic group of characters which should make for some fun silliness.

Vayntrub wowed a lot of people in NBC’s This is Us following her turn as the AT&T Girl. Though her role wasn’t huge, her talent immediately stood out and she’s got this plucky wit that will serve her well as Squirrel Girl. She and her merry band of C-level superheroes may be, ahem, unheralded, but they will make for an entertaining mix of zany personalities.

Marvel’s New Warriors will hit TV screens in 2018.

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