Super Bad Bikini Babe Gets Revenge On Past Crush Who Dissed Her 15 Years Ago

This is a cautionary tale to any bro who has a less than attractive girl crushing on you. The lesson is don’t be such a dick because one day that ugly duckling could blossom into a beautiful swan that will call you “a f**k boy” to your face.
Her name is Iman Othman. Her Facebook pages says she listens to psychedelic rock band MGMT. She grew up in Los Angeles, California. And without question, she’s grown into one bad mama in her adult years.
The ultra-hot Ms. Othman starred in a now-viral video, in which she gets revenge on an old high school crush/bully. This guy was a real jerk to this Lebanese bombshell during a time when she looked at least one hundred times different. She claims he use to call her “fat, pimple face,” and “Taliban.”
But when Iman got hot as hell, she started getting poked on Facebook by this old school crush/bully/f**k boy. His name is Frank, and let’s just say, he was a real prick to Ms. Othman back when she liked him. So, she invited him to meet up by the beach. She wanted to show off her hot body to a man who passed up on “all this” in middle school. She also wanted to tell him off and throw water in his face. Enjoy.

In all fairness, she should really get beyond this f**k boy and stop dwelling on the negatives in life. Fifteen years is definitely a long ass time to hold a grudge; she should move on and stop obsessing over some jerk. But then again, I am eternally grateful for her revenge plot. Why? It’s because if she didn’t get back at her bully, then the world would never have been treated to this super fine viral video.
Iman Othman is a freakin’ goddess. Enough said.

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