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Miss COED of the Day: Riley Bui of University of Wisconsin-Madison


If you’re a college student who wants to be our featured in Miss COED 2018, email your name, Instagram account (set to public), and school to

Riley Bui left “west coast best coast” to become a Badger! She was in need of something the rest of the country calls “seasons” but was also intrigued by the academics, campus and all around school dynamic. She is a Personal Finance major and a big Greenery Packers fan!

You don’t have to be a Badgers fan to be featured as a Miss COED. We’re looking for all the coolest, smartest, most outgoing college women to join Miss COED 2018.

Do you think you’re an awesome representative of your college? Do you like going to home games, telling people where you go to school, taking part in clubs or social activities at college? Do you want the chance to be featured on our site, earn thousands of dollars in prizes, or just gain more followers on social media? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want you to join Miss COED 2018.

Last year our Miss COED competition had over a million votes and it’s an excellent opportunity for exposure, great times, and networking.

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