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Nyadak Thot Instagram: Hottest Photos of Human Barbie


Nyadak “Duckie” Thot (yes, her last name really is thot) is a 21-year-old Australian model who literally looks like a human Barbie doll. It’s crazy.

Thot (lol, her last name is thot!) first started making a name for herself as a 17-year-old contestant on Australia’s Next Top Model. After sharing a Barbie-like photo of herself on Twitter last week, her name is once again in the news.

The striking young model has smooth features similar to that of a Barbie doll. Yes, Thot has a naturally gorgeous face. But sometimes at quick glance, she almost appears to be a real life doll.

“I won’t believe she’s real until I see her in person,” one Twitter user wrote in reply. Yeah, we need to Turing test this Thot ASAP!

None of the comments seemed to bother “Duckie,” though. She responded by posting a disheveled looking Barbie with the caption, “I’m not perfect. Sometimes, a girl slips.”

Well played.

Thot was on Australia’s Next Top Model cycle eight (what?). Since then, she has moved to New York where she is represented by the New York Models agency. She has spoken before of her hope to give black women more representation in the modeling industry.

“It wasn’t easy for me growing up and not having any type of role model out in Australia,” she told Teen Vogue last year.

“So, I was super persistent until I got my foot in the door and did work. Then, I came straight here because [in Australia], there’s a true lack of representation in the industry and I felt that personally as a child. It’s not fun to feel that.

“So my driving force is that hopefully—well, they don’t necessarily look to me—but that black women in general need to be out there the way that other women are. It needs to happen for ‘us’ already!”

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