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Brooke Wodark: More Must-See Photos Of The Viral Video Tattooist


Brooke Wodark is that smokin’ hot tattooist who went viral while laying down the ink on her boyfriend. When Wodark peeped a brand new tattoo on her man’s thigh, her jaw dropped. She never expected her guy to pop the question with a tattoo.

Her current fiancĂ© Vinny Capaldo-Smith is an absolute boss at marriage proposals. As you can guess, she checked off “yes!”

Wodark is an extremely gorgeous tattoo artist. Her legs are inked up and her smile is flawless. Vinny is one lucky man for snagging this stunning lady. And you’re damn right, he’s going to put a ring on that woman.

Brooke Wodark is too hot for words. But somehow, I wrote a whole damn article about her photos. Go figure.

I wonder if they’re going to live stream their wedding. That ish would probably go viral too.

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