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Is Bella Hadid The Hottest Chick In The World Right Now?


I come to you today as a humbled man, as I was very, very wrong about Bella Hadid.

Six months ago, if you were to ask me which Hadid I’d rather go home with, I would have said Gigi 9 times out of 10 without hesitation.

But ever since the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and the fact that she CRUSHES Instagram, I’ve been trending more and more towards the Bella side of the Hadids.

And best of all? She looks like she was ripped out of 1923. Bella Hadid has more old-world beauty than anyone in the game right now, and in the age of make-up and plastic surgery (cough Kylie Jenner cough), that’s a game changer.

AmFar 🕊🥂💫

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