This Kurdish Sniper Who Laughs Off Nearly Being Killed By ISIS Is BAE

WHAT A SAVAGE. Your boy is straight swooning. Nothing like a fearless beautiful girl that can whip your ass.
I take you to hell on Earth Syria, where the fight against ISIS forges on thanks to brave soldiers of all shapes and sizes, ages, and genders.
And while COED appreciates, loves, and respects all the troops, today we want to focus on one particularly badass one.
In a video posted by to Twitter by journalist Hemze Hamza, a Kurdish sniper with Women’s Protections Units can be seen engaged in a shootout in Raqqa City, Syria. She can be seen exchanging fire with the miserable ISIS bastard, when suddenly a bullet whizzes past her head, crashing into the wall next to her.
Her reaction?
@sergermed Twitter

I’m in love.
So here’s to you, random Kurdish freedom fighter, for you are more beautiful than I ever will be and have bigger balls than I will ever have.

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