Another Week, Another Fuego Kylie Jenner Photo Shoot


via Kylie Jenner Instagram/Quay Australia

Live look @ me at my desk writing yet another article about Kylie Jenner:

Okay, I don’t actually hate myself (if we’re being honest, I’m probably a relatively over-confident person) but I do hate myself for how much I find myself writing about Kylie Jenner.

In a couple of weeks, I will have been at COED for two years. And since my very first day an intern on July 31, 2015, all the way until now, I may have written somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 Kylie Jenner articles. And she’s not even 20-years-old yet! I’m shook.

I feel like Kylie Jenner has been dominated sex symbol headlines for a decade now, yet she’s barely two years removed from becoming legal. Is time a flat circle? Kylie Jenner sure makes it seem like it.

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