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21 Savage, World’s Worst Rapper, Just So Happens So Have One Of The World’s Hottest Moms


It’s a shame something so disgusting and wasteful came out of something so beautiful.

I’m talking, of course, about the abomination that is 21 Savage, who just so happens to have a certified dime of a mother. Raise your hand if you saw that one coming, cause your boy certainly didn’t.

In case you were unaware (which, if so, lucky for you) 21 Savage is an Atlanta rapper famous for what he describes as ‘murder music.’ And let me tell you, his music is essentially audial herpes.

Had you asked me a week ago what I thought about 21 Savage’s mom, I would have told you that I always just assumed 21 Savage spawned directly from hell itself.  Little did I know he came out of this Fox.

So, while it’s a shame that the world is subjected to 21 Savage, at least we can find a little peace in knowing he came from somewhere so beautiful.

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