Manny Pacquiao Is So Washed Up & Salty He May As Well Be A Wave(HA!)

First, shout out to me and my pun. That’s why they pay me the big bucks (not really) — for high-quality jokes like that.
Now, on to Manny Pacquiao‘s old ass.
Don’t get me wrong, Manny Pacquiao is one of the greatest boxers not only of his generation, but all-time. But that’s all he is — a fighter. Not a prognosticator, not an analyst, and certainly not someone anyone should ever take advice from. Lest we not forget, Manny was the dude who said homosexuals should essentially die for being gay, so as far as I’m concerned, Manny Pacquiao’s opinion ain’t worth jack shit.
Especially when it comes to his opinion of the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight, where he says Conor ‘won’t land a punch’:
via Yahoo Sports:

“The real fight and the best fight is [Gennady] Golovkin vs. Canelo [Alvarez],” Pacquiao told Yahoo Sports. “The best vs. the best. That’s the fight I will be watching.”
“McGregor has no chance in this fight,” Pacquiao said. “In fact, it could be very boring.”
“There is no way he will be able to land a meaningful punch on Floyd,” Pacquiao said. “How could he? He has no professional experience in boxing.”

And besides, why on Earth would he say McGregor stands on chance? First, Pacquiao is, very obviously, a boxer. Sports are like brotherhoods, so you know a boxer is going to stick with a boxer. Second, take a guess who holds the current pay-per-view purchase records? That’s right: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Obviously, that’s a record Pacquiao would like to keep, so he’s going to do his best to keep people from tuning in. Finally, lest we not forget (part 2), Manny got diddled on by Floyd, and by saying Conor stands a puncher’s chance against Floyd, he transitive properties himself into admitting that Conor would have a chance against him, too.
So, all that said, OF COURSE Manny Pacquiao said Conor McGregor has no chance against Floyd Mayweather. Had Manny not lost that fight to Floyd, maybe it would have been him cashing out a $100 million check for fighting McGregor. But he’s not, and he’s salty AF.

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