Linda Holliday Instagram: Hottest Photos of Bill Belichick's Girlfriend

Does New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick smile? No, I’m serious. Is he actually capable of upturning his lips into a human smile? Cause I don’t think that dude has ever smiled let alone felt the emotion of joy. Yes, he’s won five Super Bowls, but you would never know it based on an interview with the surly, monotonous future Hall of Fame coach.
But, as it turns out, the guy can indeed smile. He just has to be in the right setting and with the right people. Specifically, it appears as if girlfriend Linda Holliday is able to pull a smirk out of the guy.
Belichick and Holliday recently enjoyed a lovey-dovey photo shoot for N Magazine and it is decidedly the most un-Belichickian thing I have ever seen. The couple are strolling through meadows, holding hands and just being romantic and happy. It’s like the Upside-Down world fromĀ Stranger Things.
Belichick is only wearing one of his Super Bowl rings in the photo shoot (he went with S.B. 49) … and even lets Holliday wear it for a couple snaps. Could the famous head coach be copping another ring off the field soon?
While we ponder that great mystery of the universe, you can get to know Holliday a little better with the above gallery. Enjoy.

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