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Camilla Akerberg Instagram: Hottest Photos of Personal Trainer


Sydney-based personal trainer Camilla Akerberg knows how to stay in shape. The Australian fitness guru knows it takes more than a good diet and cardio.

“Without a doubt, the having a good booty is oneĀ of the most desired fitness goals for women. There is great controversy surrounding the best way to train the glutes for growth and improved development and function,” the 27-year-old wrote.

Akerberg maintains that the glutes should be trained multiple times per week, even if your bottom is a little sore.

“The gluteus maximus is on average, the largest muscle in the body, and it can handle a lot of volume and frequency,” she wrote. “I recommend training the glutes 3 times per week when trying to grow a booty, and I find training glutes when they are sore makes me activate them more too.”

I agree. Totally. Makes sense. But what about your butt again? Can we get back to that please?

“Squats alone will not target the best glute development,” she wrote, suggesting women also add hip thrusts, back extensions, glute squeezes and donkey kicks to their routine for variation.

“In order to ensure optimal booty development, you need to make sure your form is correct and that your glutes are activated during the various glute exercises,” she concluded.

She also gave me hope for the future for my own fitness.

“We all have a six pack believe it or not. For most of us though your abdominals are hidden under a layer of fat,” she started the blog by saying.

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