Britt McHenry Claims in Tweet ESPN Fired Her For Being Conservative, Quickly Deletes It

Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry claims she was fired from the sports network because she is openly Republican. As one of roughly 100 employees let go in April, McHenry took to Twitter in a since-deleted post that suggests she was fired for her conservative political reviews.
Replying to someone who ripped ESPN for arguing the network doesn’t lean left, McHenry wrote: “I mean I’ve been openly Conservative…look how that ended up…”
This sparked criticism online, to which McHenry defender her tweet three separate times.
“Need to take opinions & truth to a place & blog that actually gets money for clicks. I replied to a friend.” she tweeted around 8:15 P.M. on Monday night. Minutes later, she continued: “It’s not ‘inserting myself’ when I reply to someone and sited and blogs run with a headline. Think about this one…”
An hour after the initial tweets, McHenry wrote: “Stay true to what you believe in – positive or negative, it’s still a reaction. What the truth from me, come to my social media.”
McHenry, 31, has never been shy about sharing her political views. In December she attended a GOP fundraising event and shared a photo of herself with Paul Ryan to Instagram before deleting it. She has also been very critical of Colin Kaepernick in the past, even liking a reporter’s tweet last week that was making fun of the former QB for speaking out against officers that have not been found guilty of any wrong doing following the shootings of black men.
In 2015, McHenry was suspended from the network for one week after verbally attacking an Advanced Towing employee because her car was towed from a Chinese restaurant in Arlington, Virginia.


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