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WATCH: Matt Mitrione Turn Full Heel After Fight, He Defends President Trump And Yells “F*ck The Golden State Warriors”


After annihilating Fedor in the first round, Matt Mitrione was feeling super cocky. Following the fight at Bellator 180, Mitrione took hold of the microphone and had some unkind words for the 2015 NBA World Champions, The Golden State Warriors.

What’s the beef between Mitrione and the boys from the Golden State? Well, the fighter doesn’t take too kindly to those ball players boycotting President Trump during their traditional yearly visit to the White House.

So, what’s a true red-blood American to do? He basically says, “Fuck ’em, I’ll see old rosy cheeks myself.”

Alright. Alright. Mike Mitrione’s exact words are “Hey President Trump f*ck the Golden State Warriors I’m the real warrior I’ll come the White House.”

Mitrione beat legendary MMA all-star Fedor Emilianenko and made it look easy. Basically, this thinks he’s the sh*t. Scratch that. This bro knows he’s the sh*t. And he’s feeling mighty presidential.

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