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Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Dedicates ‘My Hero’ To Naked Dude In Glastonbury Crowd


Whenever I hear of a naked dude at any concert, I always get flash-backs to the video of the guy with the tic-tac getting zapped at the Paul McCartney show. But instead of relying on the brute force of police, Foo Fighters took a different approach to handling nudity.

The Foo Fighters were the main event of the evening before a wild Glastonbury crowd. Frontman Dave Grohl looked out at a sea of fans and spotted a naked man. “It’s starting to get good! I see a naked guy! This one’s for him.”

And of course, Grohl would pick that song “My Hero” from their 1997 album The Colour And The Shape. He dedicated this tune to the outlandish bro willing to bare it all for the Foo Fighters.

But this wasn’t the only song Grohl dedicated to that night in Scotland. The band dedicated the world-famous song “Everlong” to Laura Plane, a British school teacher who passed away after an eight-year battle with cancer. Her husband Joe contacted Grohl on Twitter and told the rocker about their love for the band.

Joe and Laura were planning on spending the ten-year wedding anniversary, but she passed away last month. For their first wedding dance, Laura and Joe danced to “Everlong.” Grohl made sure to play that song in honor of the late Laura Plane, who may have just attended the show in spirit.

Friday night’s show was a big comeback for the Foo Fighters after their 2015 headlining opportunity was broken along with Dave Grohl’s leg. “I’m about two years late tonight, I’m sorry. Traffic was a bitch,” Grohl joked. “Let me tell you something, for all of you who were here in 2015… I’m sorry I missed you. But I watched that show on my laptop as I was sitting in a wheelchair with a broken leg, and it looked beautiful.”

And oh, Dave didn’t just dedicate a song to a naked guy and a deceased teacher. Grohl also dedicated a song to his surgeon, James, who repaired his leg and helped get him back on his feet to continue the later part of that 2015 tour. And of course, Dave’s sense of humor played out as well when he chose “Walk” as the dedication song for his leg doctor.

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