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Colombian Recreational Boat Sinks With 150 People On-Board

Colombian Recreational Boat Sinks: Full Story & Details


Colombian authorities report that a recreational boat containing 150 passengers has sunk near Medellin on Sunday. A rescue mission is currently underway.

Update (6/25/17, 10:50 P.M. EST): Nine deaths have been confirmed. Twenty-eight people are currently missing.

The Colombian air force responded to the incident on Twitter by informing their followers that an air force helicopter is on the way to the Guatape reservoir. Meanwhile, the mayor of Medellin, Federico GutiƩrrez, said that firefighters and scuba divers were heading to the area.

Videos are popping up on social media showing a multi-story ferry sinking as a bunch of other recreational vehicles come to the aid of the dying boat.

Authorities have not reported how many people have been rescued as of this moment.

But in the meantime, enjoy this broken gif…

 Colombian Recreational Boat Sinks: Full Story & Details

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