WATCH: This Break-Dancing Gorilla Is Wild As F**k

If you thought Harambe was wild, you should seriously peep this funky monkey. The name is Zola the Gorilla and he likes to dance his little heart out. This primate can provide the much-needed inspiration to those who want to dance, but don’t want to act a fool. If Zola could speak, he’d probably say, “it’s okay to act a fool because in this viral video I make it cool.”
Yes, Zola is the latest primate to capture the Internet’s heart. He’s like Harambe, except he doesn’t have a small, vulnerable child in his tank. Zola is splish-splashing away in his kiddie pool, break-dancing to the beat of his heart.
Zola is from the Dallas Zoo, where he’s allowed to perform his funky water dances.

I’ll like to take this moment to give a big shout out to Star-Telegram video producer Bob Hagh. That dude did the work for us. He mashed up that sweet dancing gorilla with the song “Maniac.” Coincidentally, this song was made famous from the a wet dance party scene in the 1983 movie “Flashdance.”

And oh, you probably already guessed it. Zola has been dancing for a while. As you study the precision and grace of his dance moves, you realize that those type of steps must have came with practice. Well, he did practice his dancing while living in the Calgary Zoo.

Zola is a f*cking beast. There is no topping this gorilla. Dare I say, not even Harambe can best this primate. Just kidding. Love you, fam.

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