Senate Healthcare Bill Memes: Best Jokes, Funny Photos & Images

Donnie Freedom and the Republican gang are looking to push out and replace big bad Obamacare. But how? That’s the million dollar question. The Senate healthcare bill has been released the public, and so far, reactions has been a little sour, to say the very least. For one, Hillary “Hoosegow” Clinton labeled the GOP as the “Death Party” if that Senate healthcare bill passes.
Some people are afraid that they’ll lose health coverage. While others are just hoping their premiums will decrease.
I suppose all this wouldn’t be a laughing matter. But guess what? You’re on a memes article. Let that sink in a bit…
You could find out all you need to know about the senate healthcare bill someplace else. But seriously, try finding a hobby. It’s not good to be obsessed with government/party politic propaganda. I wonder if my fellow part-time peasants can finally get solid full-time jobs now (I doubt it). You can thank the thoughtful employer mandate for that!
Oh wait, sorry, we’re joking about Trumpcare now. Ummm, well, I think Trump takes perfect care of the comedy field.
But does Trump know what he’s doing regarding healthcare reform? I’ll have to get back at you with that one…
Maybe you should ask Putin.

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